Get Started with Shell TapUp Services. Shell TapUp can do the following for your business:

Shell TapUp Fueling Service

Fuel Your Fleet

Shell TapUp Fueling Service

Shell TapUp Tire Inflation Service

Inflate your tires

Shell TapUp Tire Inflation Service

Shell TapUp Vehicle Cleaning

Clean your vehicles!

Shell TapUp Vehicle Cleaning

Shell TapUp for Businesses - More time for Businesses and less miles driven.

Shell TapUp is a mobile fueling service ready to come to your business! We deliver fuel direct to your fleet of vehicles, bulk tanks, and equipment.  Our fueling solutions impact your bottom line by providing you with more time for value adding activities. 

Fuel your business with Shell TapUp

  • Savings & Security

    Savings & Security

    • Focus personnel on higher value work
    • Gain additional time for commercial activities
    • Reduce labor costs and overtime by allowing personnel to tackle the most urgent needs
    • Minimize risk of employee fraud
  • Flexible Contracts

    Flexible Contracts

    • Customized pricing packages to fit your business
    • Flexible invoicing and billing requirements
    • Option to outsource additional services
  • Operational Efficiencies

    Operational Efficiencies

    • Lower operational complexities
    • Use fleet miles effectively
    • Increase control over driver planning
    • Reduce administrative burden
  • Service and Quality

    Service and Quality

    • Easy to use web portal
    • 24/7 customer service
    • Shell quality fuels and professional service