one less stop

One less stop on your drive home.

Reduce Miles Driven

Help reduce miles driven.


Tire Pressure & Exterior Cleaning Services Available in limited locations.

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Download the Shell TapUp App in both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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See if Shell TapUp is available at your business campus or activity within the App.

Customer programs available to Shell TapUp customers

Is Shell TapUp available in my location?

Open the Shell TapUp App and once you arrive to the Map page, you will see yellow geofenced areas where Shell TapUp is available. Many of these locations might be specific to a particular business campus.

Shell TapUp fuels consumers at designated locations. Contact us today if you would like to set up your place of business or activity as an approved fueling location.

*Shell TapUp follows all state and local regulations regarding mobile fueling. Shell TapUp may or may not be able to deliver fuel in your specific location. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Is Shell TapUp available near me?